About Us

Direct Primary Care is Highest Rated for Patient Satisfaction

Total focus on patients

By eliminating the bureaucracy of insurance and codes, our attention and time can be spent on the needs of our patients

Holistic care

We are God made beings with Physical, Emotional and Spiritual components. SFM DPC looks at the WHOLE body, mind and spirit.

Same-day Care

Accessibility is key to DPC and either through an office visit or telemedicine services, we will strive to provide same day care

Scotland Family Medicine Direct Primary Care

Creating Health vs Treating Disease

Our Team

Dedicated to keeping our patients healthy over the long term
Chris Liddell

Kenneth W. Rictor, MD

Family Physician

Dr Rictor has been the founder, owner and physician for SFM DPC. He graduated with honors from the University of Maryland Medical School in 1985 and completed his residency at the Washington Hospital in Washington PA in 1988. Dr Rictor converted his practice of 25 years to a DPC model in 2014 in an effort to enhance the patient experience and reduce overall medical cost.

Chris Liddell

Kathy Jacobson

Certified Clinical Research Coordinator

Kathy has been the original Clinical Trial Coordinator for SFM Clinical Trials since it was founded in 1996. Kathy has completed over 50 trials studying treatments for diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease, cholesterol, indigestion, anxiety and sinus infections.

Chris Liddell

Sandy McGonigal


Sandy is our head nurse who is the jack of all trades. She will facilitate care with referrals, draw blood, perform procedures, order medications and answer questions about your care.

Chris Liddell

Bonnie Gibbons

Front Desk Receptionist

You will be hearing Bonnie's voice most of the time when you call the office. Bonnie organizes the schedule and will coordinate with Dr Rictor to provide prompt care. Bonnie helps with medicine refills and with the overall coordination of medical care.

Our DPC Partners

Companies That Endorse The DPC Model And Enhance The Patient Experience
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