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Putting Together Services and a Team to Optimize Healthcare

Award Winning Care

SFM DPC has been recognized as a model DPC office in the USA. Dr Rictor is considered one of the thought leaders for this model of care.

Convenient Location

We are located in Scotland Pennsylvania but, because of Direct Primary Care, we are an office without walls

Home Visits

Home visits were common decades ago. SFM DPC makes this a possibility again. You may request a home visit and our staff will work with you and evaluate your situation to arrange the best solution

Total Provider Access

Using Telemedicine services, SFM DPC and Dr Rictor are readily available to our members for increased Access to Healthcare

No Hassle Appointments

Being free from Insurances has given us the freedom to have un-rushed appointments and contact with increased accessibility


Years in Practice

Medical Dollars Saved for Members

DPC Partners

Patient Memberships


For more information please call 1-717-267-3606
Do I need Insurance?

To become a DPC patient with SFM, you do not need insurance. Because of government interference and the need for catastrophic care, we do recommend that you obtain a low premium, high deductible insurance plan

Can I Use My HSA?

As of this notice, an HSA cannot be used for membership. It can be used for meds and labs that have been discounted with the memberships

How Do I Contact Dr Rictor After Hours?

To discuss an issue that cannot wait for normal medical hours, you can contact Dr. Rictor via email at sfmdpc@comcast.net or 717-516-7200 for text or use the patient portal or 717 267 3606 for voice.

How Do I Get Best Price of Medicines?

Medications prescribed can be filled in many ways. We have a pharmacy supply at the office at deeply discounted cost. There are discounts at local pharmacies that continue to work with your pharmacy plan as well. Ask our staff to advise the best way of getting your medications refilled.

Can I Have Medicare and Be A Member?

Yes. Even though Dr Rictor has opted out of Medicare, Medicare benefits will otherwise remain unchanged and can continue to be used for all other medical care received outside of our practice.

What happens if I need to go to a specialist or hospitalized?

Our commitment is to help you avoid being hospitalized by early detection of disease and/or subtle signs that an existing disease state is worsening. Having a non-pressured doctor who is always available to assist in your health care is key to helping to reduce hospital stays. We will still refer patients to specialists as necessary.

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