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Welcome to Scotland Family Medicine!

 We were established in 1989 by Dr. Kenneth Rictor, who is still our board certified family physician fellow. It has been Dr. Rictor’s desire to establish a practice that would serve the community with professionalism and friendship. There continue to be vast changes in healthcare in our country today, but you can count on Scotland Family Medicine to help you chart those rough waters.We want this website to be educational and interactive with multiple resources at your disposal.

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4 thoughts on “Scotland Family Medicine

  1. Cassandra Montgomery

    Dear Dr. Rictor….. I must say i was very impressed with the information you have provided….I really got excited looking at the people who have loss weight and change their lives. I really want to join your program, but right now is not a good time for me, but probably in a few months when finances get better, ( i am getting there)…lol…I appreciate all you do for myself/patients, don’t know if i told you that lately…I am making changes for better living and with your help in the future it’ll work to my benefit…again thank you in advance…. Awesome photos by the way…..see you soon

    • admin Post author


      Thank you so much for the nice comments. We are going to try to stay current with our posts and with Facebook. I am looking forward to working with you regaining that Health Freedom that has been taken by weight. We all struggle with this for sure. You are in control Just let me help you take the wheel.

      Thanks again.

    • admin Post author

      Thank you so very much. We really feel that this is the best option to preserve Family Medicine care and to preserve personalized care. Thanks again


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